And they’re off!

Well, haven’t the Reds and the Nationals come up with a tough trading act to follow? Don’t expect to see eight players moved every day — or even every week. …

Jim Bowden has a knack for inspiring cynicism, but his deal with Cincinnati was brilliant. For proof, look no further than the fact that even before the newest Nats boarded a plane for Pittsburgh, five teams inquired about Austin Kearns’ availability and two others about Felipe Lopez.

The Devil Rays’ decision to finally move puzzling prospect B.J. Upton to third base may not hinder the Mets’ search for a frontline second baseman after all. Until he proved unable to catch anything but a cold at short, Upton was being groomed to succeed Julio Lugo, who by inference3 now is off the market. But Omar Minaya’s interest in Lugo as a second baseman has been overstated. The guy Minaya really wants in Jose Vidro, his former second baseman with the Expos who has two years remaining on a four-year contract in Washington.

Jim Hendry is humane enough to do all he can to deal Greg Maddux out of the Cubs’ sinkhole into a contending situation. The idea that the GM doesn’t want to trade him within the division is nonsense. The Cubs are 15 out in the NL Central; how’s Maddux going to haunt them? The Brewers have made multiple inquiries about Maddux.

Brilliant pitching was the Angels’ pivot for their pre-All-Star Game turnaround, but that lineup still needs another heavy bat. It could be the one swung by Arizona’s Shawn Green, an Orange County native. Green has a no-trade clause to all but three teams, and the Angels are one of the three.


I think there’s a temptation for the Mets to “do something,” however, I agree with the assessment that the team should stand pat unless a trade significantly improves the Mets. A platoon between Valentin and Woodward has been more than decent. The Mets should hold off and address their 2nd Base situation next year.

– D. Price

Ashburn, VA

I think that the Mariners need to finally do something at the trading deadline and trade for a center fielder and possibly a pitcher in both the rotation and the bullpen

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