Chico and the man

If any of the teams shopping for a heavy bat for the stretch are tiring of haggling over the Bobby Abreus and Alfonso Sorianos, they could find a cheap, uncontested solution in southern California’s Golden Baseball League. But, somehow, I don’t think anyone will be knocking on Jose Canseco’s door.

Only two weeks playing for the Long Beach Armada, and Canseco is again an All-Star! He will be playing in the league’s All-Star Game tonight in Chico, California — after participating in the pre-game Home Run Derby. No, I don’t believe the Golden Baseball League has "exit" drug testing for Home Run Derby participants.

By the way, I think the league is paranthetically known as the Golden (Years) Baseball League, as opposed to the Golden (Rule) Baseball League.

So Canseco won’t happen. Soriano will. We’re about to find out why Jim Bowden didn’t bother asking Alfonso Soriano about playing left field before making an offseason deal for the erstwhile Texas second baseman. With suitors lining up for Soriano’s bat, the Washington GM is about to make a killing on the midseason market.

Baltimore GM Mike Flanagan is working hard, but Rodrigo Lopez dealt himself on Sunday. Blanking the heavy-handed Rangers for 5 2/3 innings turned the heads of pitching shoppers who’d been talking to the Orioles about Kris Benson. But Lopez can be had cheaper.

Keeping my ear to the ground and my toes in the Cooler …


great blog. i look forward to reaading more.

Dude, so true what you said about Angels GM Bill Stoneman and his “stiff upper lip.” I’d really like to see the Halos be frugal now, maybe do a three-way where they unload Adam Kennedy for prospects and then turn around and send the prospects for another walk-year player like Sean Casey or Craig Wilson. The Angels are so getting killed by people like Kennedy and Garret Anderson who can’t hit southpaws that a role playing, platoon-type guy who can rake lefties could make just about as big an impact as a bigger name would. Your thoughts? Also, do you think that players like Dallas McPherson and Jeff Mathis have any trade value left at this point?

Any rumors for the Pittsburgh Pirates for trading anybody?

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