D-Backs against the wall

When Carlos Quentin got his first Major League start the other day at his expense, Luis Gonzalez reacted like he’d been sent to do hard time in San Quentin, not just one night on the Diamondbacks’ bench. But although Gonzo is the one who got his nose all out of joint, Shawn Green may be the one soon leaving the joint.

While the proof admittedly is still pretty slim, Arizona people have been blown away by Quentin’s splashy debut. All three hits in his first eight at-bats have gone for extra bases, meaning the 23-year-old onetime No. 1 draft pick (2003) hasn’t missed a beat after having torched the Pacific Coast League.

This is the type of mid-July development on which general managers get off. Teams have been calling Josh Byrnes about Green, and a youngster who could make that deal work lands in his lap. You want to see a kid for more than three games before pulling the trigger on such a major shift but, by the end of next week, Byrnes will have seen enough.

Gonzalez’s future is also up in the air, but Green’s versatility — he has resumed occasionally playing first base — and left-handed bat makes him more popular among shoppers.


The Problem with Trading Shawn Green is he has a NO trade Clause so he would have to want to go to that team(the team interested in him.) and he has said he likes arizona so I dont know if he would approv of a trade.

i Would not mind seeing us get rid off LUIS GONZALEZ though as it is the last year in his contract and he is not worth the 10 million dollar”team option” he has next year.plus Carlos Quinten is probably here to stay next year because he has just torn up the PCL this year!


Even with just a few MLB games under his belt, Carlos Quentin is not an unknown quantity to the D’Backs F.O. When he was sent back to Triple A at the end of Spring Training, it was acknowledged that he has nothing left to prove at that level.

With Green gone, DaVanon and Quentin can share right field. The D’Backs need pitching and bench help. Their pinch-hitting this year as been abysmal. A pinch hitter who can play first base and a No. 4 or 5 starter would be nice.


Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes


ATTN: D’Backs fans,
I have a new poll for you on my site.


Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes


Green only has a limited no-trade clause so we could trade him to the Angels for a pitcher (Ervin Santana?). But the DBacks are strongly pursuing Indian RHP Jake Westbrook who will be a free agent at the end of the year. They are not looking at Westbrook for just this year though and they hope they can agree to a long term deal eventually if they do indeed get him. It will be tough to move Green to the Indians, who want an outfielder for Westbrook, but it will be a beneficial deal this year and in the future for the ballclub.

Other possible pitchers the DBacks have been rumored to be targeting to strengthen our rotation after Webb are Shawn Chacon, Mark Redman, Rodrigo Lopez, Freddy Garcia, and Ervin Santana. The Mets have also been rumored to be heavily pursuin Juan Cruz or Miguel Batista and the DBacks could likely get prospect currrently on major league roster John Maine (spelling?) or struggled starters Aaron Heilman or Alay Soler (who dominated the DBacks at Chase)

I like Ervin Santana for Shawn Green from the D’Backs point of view, but would the Angels really want to part with Santana (11-4) when they are in such a tight race in the AL West?

The Angels definitely want some protection for Vladdy. Do they (and Green) see Green as the regular first baseman, since Vladdy plays right field?


Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes


The Angels have been in the race mainly because of their pitching. They need some more offense if they wish to come out of that division. But the Angels would ask for prospects along with Green, and the DBacks are highly unlikely to part with any top prospect. Jake Westbrook would be the best option for Green at this point.

I also just heard that DBacks scouts are scheduled to see Mets’ pitcher Brain Bannister’s rehab start. From seeing him earlier this season, he would be a great fit for the organization. He will not dominate the ballgame but will always get out of trouble and therefore keeps his ERA down. His injury this season could be a problem, but if and only the DBacks get a pitcher for Green, trading Batista for Bannister and cash/prospect would be an extremely beneficial to win now and in teh future, which seems to be the organization’s creedo for Monday’s deadline.

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