Motown, So-Town?

I don’t know where Alfonso Soriano will be dealt. Or if he’ll be dealt; Nats GM Jim Bowden may be trade talking himself into paralysis, by his own account juggling 27 different teams on his call list.

But I do think Soriano has a better chance now of winding up in Detroit than before. The reason is, the Tigers wanted to have nothing to do with Bowden’s request that its package be topped by right-hander Humberto Sanchez.

But Motown GM Dave Dombrowski’s resolve may have given way just a little on Monday, when Sanchez was scratched from a scheduled start in Toledo by a "tender arm."

Would the Nationals still want Sanchez? Sure. It was a "tender arm," without indication of any structural injury. This is 2006. Pitchers everywhere are always taking a step back at the slightest hint of discomfort — even ones without the future of Futures Game starters, which Sanchez was two weeks ago in Pittsburgh.

Bowden has targeted pitching as his top objective in any deal involving any of his veterans. If Sanchez is still attractive to him, he should again ask Dombrowski about him.


I wonder if this would be another Smoltz for Alexander deal. Sure, the Tigers could certainly use the speed of Soriano. That’s an element of the game they are severely lacking. This guy can do everything but field, unfortunately. So, let’s consider that he may not stay after the season’s end, and Sanchez may be the next Smoltz. Hmmmmmm… Does anybody remember his post-season a few years ago with the Yanks? I seem to recall him striking out on pitches 6″ outside in clutch situations; time after time. I believe that is why King George got rid of him. It would be a gamble, and I’m not sure it would be worth losing Sanchez (K.Rogers won’t be around much longer) and potentially disrupting the chemistry of this excellent team.

I’m with acalcag. The Tigers could definitely use Soriano. Since I live in Washington, It’s always, “Gee, Soriano rocks” or “How is Alfonso so good?”…Just because he is with our home team has nothing to do with it! Soriano has several good things
-He’s Young

-He’s Healthy

-He’s a terrific fielder

-He’S very fast

-He’s very powerful

-He’s a team leader

-He never gives up

-He’s got a great attitude


Well, I wouldn’t be bummed if he stayed w/Nats but probably not gonna happen!

~Felix van der Vaart

acalog is wrong about being a bad fielder and i wouldn’t agree with gary shef about soriano being young and such a great team leader. Definetly superstar though. I would rather have the Tigers pursue Andrew Jones

Smoltz for Alexander I remember it like it was yesterday….and it still hurts. Unless part of the trade package is that the Great Alfons agrees to a new contract package prior to the trade….then I say good bye good luck have a nice life. Look at the Tigers today…Look at their pitching …looks pretty good doesn’t it? In a couple of weeks we could have six quality starters with Marroth back. Sanchez would be making a pitch for a Major League spot just about the time Kenny Rogers start to think about retirement…so unless this makes all the sense in the world to do…I say sign, Alfonso, long term or bye bye

I really think the Tigers need to get Alfonzo on board even at the cost of Humberto Sanchez! I know what a great pitching prospect this guy is but ya gotta remember that the Tigers just drafted another great pitching prospect in Andrew Miller!!
The Tigers are desperate for a hitter that can scare an opposing pitcher. I’m sorry….I know Ordonez is a great player, but he just doesnt have that presense that says ” I dare ya to pitch to me”. I want to see a batter that will change the way the pitcher thinks about what he has to do. Soriano can do that considering the career year he is having. I really beleive he has finally matured into the player that a team wants and needs for a deep playoff run.If Tiger owner Mike Ilitch is serious about finally agreeing to spend the money needed to make the team better… opportunity has knocked on his door.Pay Soriano the $65 million and keep the fans coming to Comerica park for years to come. Just look at the pitching talent here in Detroit with Bonderman and Verlander. This team needs a hitter with the same magnitude as them. Get Alfonzo in and lock him up!!! Player like that dont show up in Detroit very often unless its in the opposite dugout.

The Tigers should sit tight and wait until the last minute. Let the Nationals and Phillies panic and see their offering prices tumble. As others have said, no one wants a Smoltz for Alexander trade. I don’t see the value in Soriano and Abreu’s numbers this year are inferior to Carlos Guillen’s. I would rather see the Tigers add at the last minute Greg Maddux and Luis Gonzalez – veterans that know how to win playoff and World Series and would be no threat to the clubhouse chemistry of the current crop of Tigers.

“I would rather see the Tigers add at the last minute Greg Maddux and Luis Gonzalez”

That’s laughable and will never happen.

if this is a trade deadline blog…shouldn’t there be more info, and more up to date stuff…like the yankees and abrue…the stros and miggy…the sox and coco and wily mo…come on tom lets get it together

I agree with one of the statements, getting Maddox might help if you use him the right way. Put him in a relief role he could follow Verlander or Zumaya, from the high 90’s to the low 80’s, NOT. Get Soriono, period !!!

I love the idea of bringing Maddux to Detroit. If not him, atleast some type of pitcher that has playoff experience.The Tigers have so many different options they can choose from its ridiculous. With Maroth due to come off the DL any day now that will give them another SP in which they could place rookie Zach Minor to the bullpen or possibly use a 6-man rotation.I’m still weary of the the strength of their bullpen. Ledesma, Colon, and Grilli are not dependable enough. Adding a veteran to the pitching staff can do wonders.The same goes for the lineup. A big bat or even an veteran bat that has play-off experience is a must.With Monroe starting to heat up, Soriano isnt needed as much as I once thought. I still think that an impact hitter will be good for the teams future, but that can be obtained in the off-season rather than now.

why is mlb blogs promoting this site…if this is trade dealine reality…where is all the trade info your last post was 5 days the middle of the trade season…no posts or blogs…outstanding work tom

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