Tick-tock, tick-tock …

Here we are, inside one hour to go, and the only deals of the day have been relatively minor ones.

But this is crunch time, and phones are going off all over, with GMs taking final stabs at proposed deals. If you’re Jim Bowden, your holding-out period on Alfonso Soriano is just about over. No sense waiting for a better deal because, if there’s one out there, you would have heard it by now.

The deafening silence out of Boston is an indication that Theo Epstein is working the phones for a BIG deal, not one of those little minnows that have been washing ashore. No way the Red Sox will stay silent through the Yankees’ acquisition of Bobby Abreu. In fact, expect a couple of set-up relievers to also be headed to the Bronx before the hour’s up.

The Astros have rejected offers for Brad Lidge all day. But that doesn’t mean he can’t srtill be had — but Houston would have to get its major offensive upgrade in return. The ‘Stros have an abundant supply of arms — runs are what they need.

The Miguel Tejada storyline may have run its course. Miggy’s statements over the weekend that he would not willingly switch to third base have cooled his most ardent suitors. If anythying, that attitude has prompted both the Angels and Astros to back off their original offers.


Despite Jonathan’s normal idiot rant, I like your blog and all the analysis you are covering. I think the biggest move that is going to help a team is Maddux to the Dodgers. Anywhere that guy goes he wins, and now the Dodgers are going to be front-runners to win the NL West.

Brad Lidge is definitely not as hot as he was last year. But we’ve seen a lot of that recently. Byung-Hyung Kim’s not so hot anymore now, is he?
Personally, I think that Bowden made a big mistake. If Soriano rejected such a big offer from the Nats, you’d think they might get the point….

~Felix van der Vaart

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