Here we go …

I know you’ve all missed me. Especially Jonathan, who perhaps doesn’t get out (of blogsphere) enough to see the stuff we’ve been churning out on But that’s real, and this is Reality, baby, so let’s buckle up for the wild ride to the deadline.

As Miguel Tejada twists in the wind, here is an aspect of his potential deal to the Angels that really intrigues me: If this deal does happen, would it kill his consecutive games streak?

Here’s the deal on that: Tejada is home in Baltimore, where the Orioles open a series against Seattle tomorrow night. But the Angels are in Anaheim, preparing to play the A’s tonight.

A playing streak is defined as appearing in each of your team’s games. If Tejada is dealt to Los Angeles before the deadline, he couldn’t possibly make the Angels’ game tonight. Technically, his streak would have to be over at 1,023 games.

Sounds like Bud Selig would have to make a call on that….

As for making the call on Tejada … Orioles GM Mike Flanagan just doesn’t seem convinced that moving him makes the best sense. Otherwise, how could he not jump at a Houston offer of Morgan Ensberg and Adam Everett, even after the Astros withdrew Roy Oswalt from the package?

Likewise, insiders feel the Angels’ offer of Ervin Santana and Ricky Aybar should’ve tempted Flanagan, who instead turned around and also asked for first baseman Casey Kotchman.

Unlike Tejada, Alfonso Soriano is still certain to be moving, although this appears to be a 3:59 p.m. deal.

Other virtual locks to be cleaning out lockers: Jon Lieber, LaTroy Hawkins, Mark Redman. And deals involving Greg Maddux and Julio Lugo make too much sense for the Cubs and Devil Rays, respectively, to hold onto them.

It’s going to be a bumpy ride…


Living near Baltimore, I find it unbelievable how out of it the Orioles are. All offseason, they were looking for somebody to lead their rotation. In that potential deal with the Halos, the O’s would get that ace (with a year or two of waiting), and a guy that can replace Tejada. As a bonus, they dump the salary of Tejada leaving room for them to make a splash during this winter. This trade could make them a playoff contender by ’07, yet they refuse to pull the trigger.


I was shocked to see the Oswalt, Ensberg, Everett for Tejada trade rumor… If the Astros really did offer that and the Orioles didn’t jump on it, they are idiots… I can’t imagine the Astros actually offering that though.

The Orioles want to be a big market team but they’re not. They think, probably correctly, that trading Tejada will cause a drop in attendance. They don’t realize that putting a contending team on the field is what puts people in the stands, not signing guys like Rafael Palmeiro, or Sammy Sosa.

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