Sheff’s special: Yummy stuff

Ah, yes. Leave it to the Big Apple to get things stirred up. But this Gary Sheffield deal isn’t going to happen, at least not to the Mets and probably not to anybody.

That’s not a knock on the reports, which came out first in the New York Post and the Bergen Record. The Mets did make a play for Sheffield, offering a package headed by Mike Cameron. But as of Wednesday it’s clear the Yankees’ interest in a Sheffield-Cameron deal isn’t mutual, especially since word is the Mets wanted to throw in Tom Glavine or Kaz Matsui, too. (The Yankees have enough old, expensive pitchers, and they already have the good Matsui.)

Sheffield’s response to this or any deal, for that matter, is classic Sheff. You could take it back to when the Padres were getting ready to deal him to Boston in ’93, and he didn’t hold back then, either. Hey, an angry Sheff can be a good thing, as long as he’s playing where he wants to play. Yankee Stadium is where he wants to play.

One NL baseball source says Sheffield’s name is out there and the Yankees would like to move him. But the reality of the situation is that as much as the Yankees need a center fielder — as in, Cameron, Mark Kotsay, Juan Pierre or Preston Wilson — it’s more likely they’d do it via prospects, either their own lower-level ones or via a three-way deal.

All the while, the Yanks are saying publicly that they want to improve from within. But that’s not going to cut it, not this year, not where they stand. They’ll do something, just not this. Still, that’s yummy stuff.


Sheff dropped the “big one” in threatening to retire if traded. While such unprofessionalism is distinctly not the “Yankee Way”, it should prove effective, yes?

The “NL baseball source” you cite claims the Yankees will try to move Sheff nonetheless and the talking heads on YES during tonight’s rain delay notwithstanding, I have yet to see Cashman himself come out and specifically deny engaging in talks with Minaya concerning a package involving Gary Sheffield and Mike Cameron.

One would think if Gary Sheffield were, indeed, as untouchable as a Derek Jeter or a Mariano Rivera that Mr. Cashman would have no problems publicly proclaiming this.

Do you have access to people who can put such a direct question to the Yankee GM?


Seeing that the Yanks are desperately in need of a center fielder and the Indians could use a power bat in their outfield, is there any possibility of a three-team trade? The Yankees would deal Sheffield to the Tribe, the Indians trade two minor league prospects to the A’s, and Oakland shipping Mark Kotsay the Bronx.


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