A Harbinger Deal

Ah, the joys of covering ball in July. Every once in a while, you wake up, look at your competition and say, "D’oh!" Sometimes it’s a big "D’oh!" and other times it’s a smaller "D’oh!" This one was on the small side, but still qualified.

The Padres, covered by yours truly last night,  made a trade with the Yankees late last night that would send lefty Darrell May and right-hander Tim Redding to the Yankees for Paul Quantrill. The trade was iirst reported in the San Diego Union-Tribune and the North County Times.

No, this isn’t the deal that sends shivers up your spine — unless you’re the guy who covered the team the night before and said "D’oh!" when you saw it in the paper. (Should have known … Redding got called into Bochy’s office and May was seen on the cellphone.)

This is what you’d have to call a Harbinger Trade. The Padres’ bullpen isn’t an area of need but rather of strength, and this certainly doesn’t solve the Yankees’ need in center field. You have to figure that one or more likely both of these teams will be doing bigger things than just this.

The Padres already signed Pedro Astacio off the scrap heap and he’ll likely get a shot, but they still have some rotation questions with Adam Eaton’s middle finger still not healed. May and Redding are both headed to Triple-A to begin with, and it’s hard to imagine that either of the two failed No. 5 starters for the Padres is being looked at as a difference-maker for the Yankees.

Who knows? This might not even be the last trade between these two teams. But it certainly makes you think these are two teams looking to be active.

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I look at this trade from the Yankee perspective as a “just in case” type of thing.

I’m sure May and Redding will work closely with the pitching coaches at the AAA level and that those coaches will get a report to the Yankee braintrust about what (if anything) they can expect to get out of May and Redding this year.

May and Redding are probably more of a “court of last resort” than anything else.

I’m not sure much can be done with the Yankee starting rotation anyway. Johnson and Brown are untradeable due to their contracts. Pavano is untradeable because of his (lack of) performance. Mussina and Wang I don’t want to trade.

Of the five, you might be able to twist an NL team’s arm about Pavano being able to regain form back on the senior circuit but his recent skipped start(s) may have just about taken away any glimmer of hope you had about that.

If the Yankees are going to keep trading for pitchers you have to think they’re going to be bullpen arms, not starters.

But time will tell. Now that Stick Michael is back in power you can truly say anything might happen.



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