A designated hitter?

The market for Bret Boone sounds like a lot of lookers but not a lot of buyers. Designated for assignment by the Mariners on Sunday, Boonie’s out there for the taking. The Padres, Yankees, Red Sox, Mets, Orioles, Twins and probably a few others have been mentioned as possible suitors. But it sounds like nobody’s leaping to make a deal.

Designating a player for assignment puts all the cards on the table, and you have to be willing to walk away with the money on the table if you’re the Mariners.
The Yankees did the designated thing with veteran relievers Paul Quantrill and Mike Stanton — and wound up trading Quantrill to the Padres. Boone’s $8.5 million salary makes it a little trickier on the trade front, though. Sounds like John Olerud all over again.

You know the M’s would have to pick that money up anyway in a trade, but they’d just like to get something out of it. They  were left holding the bag with Olerud last year, and he went on to help the Yankees essentially on Seattle’s dime.

Says here Boone’s still a guy who could help somebody in a pennant race. It’s just not clear at this point that anyone’s feeling the urgency enough to be willing to give up anything to ensure they get him, content to wait till he’s a free agent. GM Bill Bavasi has his hands full trying to unload Boone now.

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