Preston, change-o

If there’s a guy who should already have his bags packed, it’s Preston Wilson. As we head into July , there are several suitors for the center fielder — the Cubs, Orioles and Rangers among them, and perhaps the Yankees.

What’s keeping the Rockies from making something happen? Well, for one, they are and should be letting the market play itself out a bit. But they can’t go into this thinking they’ll get a lot out of him, which seems to be the case. The Nationals reportedly already turned down a deal in which the Rockies asked for RHP Zach Day and CF Ryan Church — can’t really blame them, either. That’s too much to ask.

The Rockies seem to think that if they only unload Wilson’s salary without also picking up a couple of Major Leaguers, then a  trade would be a failure. Much worse, no Wilson trade would be a failure, because he can’t help this year and there’s a market for him. Wise as it is to wait it out a little bit, the Rox need to make something happen with Wilson at some point relatively soon.

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