Begging time

Please, please do something, guys. Come on, give us a deal. Enough rumors. We want deals.

It can get that way around this time, when the non-waiver deadline sits three weeks (and a day) away, and the rumors have started their summer swirl. But there’s plenty of time for the sellers to hold out for more and buyers to shop around, so it’s not soup yet. Patience. The deals will come. Maybe.

Maybe this just isn’t a blockbuster year, or maybe something nobody’s even considered will blow us all away. A year ago at this time, who knew the Red Sox would trade Nomar and the Dodgers would flip one-third of their first-place club? At the moment, it’s a whole lot of neutral and just your deals that maybe affect the bottom of the roster. The buyers are turning up their noses and sellers are asking for the world. Once things sort out after the All-Star Game, it’ll turn up a notch.

Thought we might have had one with Preston Wilson going to the Nationals from the Rockies for RHP Zach Day and OF J.J. Davis, reported first by The Sporting News. But that didn’t pan out — yet. Money’s going to be the hangup on this one, how much of the prorated remainder of Wilson’s $12.5 million is each side willing to pick up. Plus, Wilson has limited no-trade rights that include the Nationals, for now at least.

Details, details. That’s always the catch. A Wilson deal will happen eventually, maybe even to the Nationals. And maybe that’s the linchpin to open up the gates a little bit.

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