Seeing stars

Greetings from Detroit, home of the All-Star Game at Comerica Field and late-night Gyros in nearby Greektown. It’s been a busy few days already, and the stars haven’t even hit the field for the Midsummer Classic. While this isn’t a gathering place for baseball’s GMs to crank out the deals like Bobby Abreu cranks out homers, the rumor mill continues to churn during the "break." A little slower, to be sure, but it’ll get rolling again later this week as we head toward July 31.

Among the stars, a couple of lefties emerged in some reports as possible trade targets in the next few weeks — Kenny Rogers and Billy Wagner. The only other All-Star who really seems out there is Tampa Bay’s Danys Baez, but that figures with the Rays owning the worst record in baseball. Rogers or Wagner, however, would be blockbuster material.

With Rogers, a rift with management that began in the spring widened this summer and, he says, fueled his camera-bashing session. That makes an extension sound impossible, but the Rangers are still very much in the race, and Rogers is by far their best starter. They’d have to get a top starter back, and that’s a tough assignment. Seems to make more sense for the Rangers to hang onto him.

On the other hand, Wagner seems like much more of a possibility. He’s talking his way right out of Philly, and if the Phillies do decide to become sellers — and they’re very close — then Wagner’s definitely a guy contending teams would want. That’s one to watch.

OK, back to the stars. The trades will come soon enough.

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