What’s left? Plenty

It’s on.

Thank you, Rockies, A’s and Nationals. You too, Sox. Finally, some trades.

The Rox and A’s did their two deals and the Nats and Sox did their part Wednesday, the only day without baseball all season long (ha, guess not). Now there’s a better sense of what’s coming down the pike here. These were all more than minor moves yet not blockbusters, and they give out a vibe that there could be some bigger moves to come. There are plenty of big names out there.

One thing that really stood out from all the moves was that big lefty Joe Kennedy went to Oakland and the A’s are saying he’ll start out in the bullpen. With 10 relief appearances and 115 starts on his resume, that’s enough to make one wonder what, if anything, the A’s might do before July 31. The knee-jerk reaction is now Barry Zito, at 27 also a big lefty but with more success and more money coming to him, is that much more vulnerable. The Padres would love to get him, but the A’s maintain they’re not looking to move him. Still, this gives one pause to at least think about it, doesn’t it? If they ever do it, it might be now, as long as they feel they can cover that spot in the rotation adequately and receive big pieces of the future who can also help for their suddenly rejuvenated present. Then again, they’ve enjoyed having two big lefties in the rotation before.

Anyway, it certainly seems like lefties are a big commodity in this season’s trade derby. Kennedy’s been dealt. Billy Wagner’s more a possibility with each Phillies loss. Seattle’s Eddie Guardado, Jamie Moyer and Ron Villone could be out there. The Pirates’ Mark Redman is very much out there. Al Leiter could be on his way out of Florida.

That’s just the lefties, folks. It’s getting hot in herre. (Did that just come off my fingers? What a dork.)

See? Told you Billy Beane would get something rolling, though it was Eric Byrnes not Mark Kotsay that was subtracted from the A’s outfield.


Do you think that any Yankees are leaving come the trade deadline? – D Unit

The White Sox released Shingo Takatsu earlier this week. Any idea what is going to happen to him?

What are the odds that Jeff Weaver will be traded, and to whom?

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