A.J. an O?

Two weeks ago it was Jason Schmidt. Now A.J. Burnett is the buzz name on the rumor mill, a power right-hander who could make the difference in a race. (But apparently not the NL East, unless the Marlins wind up making a run the next couple of weeks and hang onto him.)

Burnett’s name has been linked to several contenders, but the Orioles appear to have been most aggressive, with their greatest advantage being that they might also take on Mike Lowell’s hefty salary. The O’s could definitely use him, but so could the Red Sox — which is part of the reason why the Sox have come in with an offer that reportedly includes Bronson Arroyo. Also interested: the White Sox, Blue Jays and Yankees — and probably more than that.

A free agent after the season, Burnett is perfect fodder for July trade talks, and the Marlins are wise to shop him around as long as possible. Says here the O’s make the most sense at the moment, especially if they take on Lowell.


What are the odds on the White Sox picking up an A.J. Burnett or a Jason Schmidt, and what would have to be given up?

Well, there are reports it would take Marte, McCarthy, and maybe Contreras.

What about Toronto. Does anyone see a potential in him going there (whether ir be through trade or off season signing)?

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