A word on trading Ryan Howard


OK, here are a few more, hopefully with a little less of a glimpse of the obvious:

After watching Howard win Tuesday’s game for the Phillies with a 430-foot homer, it’s pretty easy to suggest Philly hang onto their top hitting prospect. Yes, the Phillies need a starter, but not at that price. Jim Thome’s in the way and on his way back in early August, but you need insurance against Thome’s health and bench strength if you want to contend this year. These are things the Phillies, who no doubt would move Thome’s contract now if they could, already appear to have decided. Howard’s off the market, from everything that’s being reported. (Seems like the first time in two years we’ve heard that.)

And maybe trading Billy Wagner isn’t such a bright idea at the moment, either. Things can change a lot in the next 11 days, but with the Phillies being five games out in the NL East and 3 1/2 games in the Wild Card, adding seems to make a lot more sense than subtracting at this point. As suggested by the Philadelphia Inquirer‘s Jim Salisbury, maybe Cole Hamels could be the pitching solution and standing pat really might be the best option at this point for the Phillies.

That’s the kind of trading season this is shaping up to be. When it comes to big moves, there seem to be more reasons not to do things than to do them — nobody seems to want a rental, and nobody seems to want to give up prospects. So many teams are weighing their options still, and sellers keep on asking for the farm. Maybe the other shoe dropping on a Burnett deal will open things up — the little flurry last week didn’t exactly do it.


I don’t think the Phillies will part with Ryan Howard but if the do, do you think the Pirates have what the Phillies are looking for? The Phillies could get Redman who would be a very good pitcher if he got run support and Lawton who is a better than average hitter and maybe get Mesa back for the bullpen.

I have seen flashes of this kid HOWARD and I have been impressed with his power and run production. In Thomes abscence he has hit a couple of homeruns and driven in runs. The guy is surely going to be a good left handed power hitter but he is stuck behind Jim Thome in Philly and Thome has a couple of years left. No one is willing to take on Thome because of his large contract and age so maybe Howard could be dealt. I really like what I’ve seen out of him and I wouldn’t trade him but Thome’s bot going anywhere for a while so Howard’s future is in question. I do think the Pirates would be interested in Howard and they are trying to get a homerun hitting first baseman who would improve the teams lack of power.Daryle Ward is not a bad hitter but he doesn’t hit a lot of homeruns and the Pirates need a power threat. The pirates would be willing to deal for Howard and they would surely trade Redman and Mesa who are supposedly on the trading block. I think that Lawton is a much better option in centerfield than Kenny Lofton and the Pirates might be willing to trade Lawton. I think Howard is going to get traded by the Phillies i the future but I don’t think that they will pull the trigger on a deal involving howard by Sunday’s deadline.

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