Nixed. Now what?

To answer one of the comments from the plea for trade rumors … With Phil Nevin saying no, where do the Padres and Orioles go? Back to the drawing board — and fast.

The Orioles, you have to think, try and jump back in after  A.J. Burnett — or at least some pitching help, which they need more than Nevin’s bat anyway. There’s more competition for Burnett now (both Sox), and the Marlins don’t have to trade him. Whatever, get an arm. The O’s need a boost in this postseason race, and shedding Sidney Ponson for a bat isn’t going to cut it.

The Padres still need a starter as insurance against Adam Eaton’s finger injury, or depth in the best-case scenario that Eaton’s back for the stretch run. They also have Nevin happy to be home in San Diego but probably not that happy to be headed for a lot of time on the bench. (Note to self: Always go with your first instinct.) If Kevin Towers can move him, he will. And should. It’s just that the one team that has expressed interest was one of what now should be known as the Nevin Eight. But the Padres, first in the NL West and falling, are looking like a team still in need of some shaking up.

Now, back to begging for rumors. Hit that comment button with one or two, would ya?


What about the rumor of the Texas Rangers sending Alfonso Soriano to the New York Mets.. What are the chances that Omar Minaya will be able to pull that one off?

What I cant figure is: If the Marlins wont part with Burnett without Lowell, and the Red Sox will need a 3rd baseman if they trade Mueller to the Twins for Romero, why cant lowell be that 3rd baseman? With that swing in Fenway and the wall, Lowell ought to have a field day when he’s at home.

What do you think about a trade of Jim THome to the Marlins for A.J. Burnett. I am a huge phillies fan. I love Jim Thome, but I think that the hard hitting youngster Ryan Howard has earned his spot. I would love to see Thome here next year. The Phillies need pitching help. Burnett may not replace Randy Wolf, but he could be some one to help out in the future. There would also be some minor leaguers that would have to accompany Thome. We could also take on Mike Lowell. Just thought that I would throw that out there.

Wouldn’t mind seeing the Cubs picking up a decent fifth starter to add to the rotation (as insurance) for the wild card chase, now that it looks like Kerry Wood is going to be relegated to bullpen duty at best. An option could be that the Cubs could send Sergio Mitre, Corey Patterson and the ever famous “player to be named” to the Orioles for Sidney Ponson. That would give them Prior, Maddox, Zambrano, Jerome Williams & Ponson as starters, with rookie Rich Hill doing spot starting work in case one of them goes down. Hill in the bully bolsters it as well.

I’m a huge Orioles fan and it pains me to see the Orioles not able to make a deal (Even if its the player kills the deal not the front office.) I just cant understand why, if they were going to trade for a semi-struggling big bat veteran with more then just this yr left on his big contract, like Nevin, why wouldnt the O’s say O.K. we will take on Lowell if it will get us the pitcher that we need. When i look at Lowell and Nevin i see the same type of player, a veteran who has a big contract that their team would love to get rid of and whos had better days at the dish. Mike Lowell is even younger then Nevin and has a better chance of regaining his old productive swing. I know that their trying to get a deal done but i think that Lowell could be the player we were looking Nevin to be.

The cubs need another starter and I don’t know if you have watched Mark Redman pitch this year but for most of the season he has done very good. His win/lost record doesn’t show how well he has done. The Pirates can’t score runs for him and he has pitched well enough to win a whole lot of games. I think this would be a cheap way to fix a problem for the cubs. They might have to get rid of a corner prospect or outfield prospect to get him. The corner positions look to be covered for the next few years, so it shouldn’t hurt too bad.

A.J. Burnett is stuck were he is at because no one is going to take a chance on a under acheiving third baseman(Lowe) that has that kind of payroll. He hasn’t done much this year and he isn’t getting any younger.

As a huge Astros fan, I’m all over any news concerning a trade that would make our team a more viable contender for the playoffs again this season, but haven’t heard much about the possibility of the ‘stros making a trade outside of the whole Dunn for an arm and a leg trade from a few weeks ago. Given, Berkman is getting his swing back and Burke and Taveras seem like they’re starting to heat up as rookies, but Burke isn’t an outfielder, and Bagwell realistically won’t be back for the push for the wild card, so where are they looking now if at all? They need a hard-hitting outfielder who can post some RBIs where the rest of the team has struggled. I don’t think we need a superstar, but someone with 60-70 RBIs a year should do the trick since our starting pitching keeps us in games, and our bullpen has done a great job recently of closing things out. What about Randy Winn for a pitching prospect?

What truth is there in the Winn +1 pitcher for Pavano rumor? Seems to me the Mariners need to start moving out the old and bringing in fresh young legs or an arm like Pavano’s should/could be. The organization always seems to view it as giving up or dumping salary, when in reality it is an attempt to get better by taking advantage of others prosperity or post season dreams.

I’m hearing a rumor about the Phillies pursuing the Devils rays Danys Baez and they have been willing to trade Billy Wagner in the right situation.

I have heard tons of rumors about Adam Dunn, including him going to the Cubs, Nats, Houston, and Oakland. The O’s think they need a bat in the middle of their lineup. I can’t think of a better person than Adam Dunn for the O’s to try to get. Maybe they send Ponson, Bigbie, and Penn. I think that would help the O’s a ton and give the Reds some pitching.

What are the Dodgers doing? I heard a rumor that They are mulling over a deal with Cincy that goes something like Adam Dunn for Antonio Perez and Edwin Jackson. Seems pretty cheap to me. Also hearing Ricky Ledee, Giavoni Carrara, Odalis Perez, and Jeff Weaver are all available as well as Wilson Alverez. Weaver being mentioned to Baltimore. Plus Rich Aurilia told MLB .com he could help the Dodgers, not sure how.

I think the Padres screwed up by trying to trade Phil Nevin. How could they underestimate a guy who (a)who has had best career while a Padre and not looking to moving away from his family. (b)who is perhaps one of the most intense players in the game and has been solid players for a number of years. There was no guarantee he was going to get any more playing time in Baltimore, especially with Palmiero playing first and Mora playing third. Nevin, I guess, figured if he was going to pout,he could always come home to wife and kids. Also I bet this could have a ripple effect on team chemistry. You also have to wonder how Sandy Alderson feels about Kevin Towers right about now. Between the PR gaffe he made admitting he knew Ken Caminiti was doing steroids and his incompetence during the Nevin,the newly appointed president alderson could be looking to Brian Cashman as his next GM. Cashman’s contract with the Yankees is coming up after the season, and I’m sure Alderson would love to bring in a fresh pair of eyes.

I see Burnett and Lowell going to Boston very soon, they will deal Mueller to the twins for JC Romero, then send Arroyo and whoever else they’re sending south and grab lowell and Burnet…perfect fit…..with Clement injured and now Nixon on the dl they need to get it done asap

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