Sori, wrong number

First of all, thanks for all the rumors coming in via the comments link. Keep ’em coming.

Addressing one of them, Alfonso Soriano probably isn’t going to the Mets, or anywhere. The Rangers are said to be asking too much, and they should ask a ton for this guy. Soriano is an All-Star talent. Texas still has hope in at least the Wild Card race if their freefall doesn’t continue much longer, and dealing Soriano would be a white flag. The Rangers are more likely to pick up Sidney Ponson for Richard Hidalgo, which at least makes more sense than dealing away Soriano. The Twins also are said to be pursuing Soriano, but his earning potential in aribtration for 2006 ($10M?) doesn’t seem to add up there. They could look at him as a rental and non-tender him, but the Rangers would need more in return than what the Twins could give up in that case.

Things can change in a heartbeat, but the Rangers trading away the player they received for A-Rod at this point just doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. If they do, it had better be for pitching. But it’s looking unlikely on all trade fronts at this point.


With the Soriano trade pretty much dead for the Mets what move if any does it look like they’ll be able to pull off before the trade deadline?? Maybe Danys Baez or Jose Mesa and why arent they intersted in the likes of an Eddie Guardado or even Bostons Bronson Arroyo who could certainly help their bullpen..

I don’t see how this is “pretty much dead” when anyone and everyone is still talking about it. However if it meant giving up Heilman, Milledge, Cameron.. and even more.. I don’t see how Minaya could agree to that. Are there any other capable hitters the Mets are pursuing? Why no mention of Todd Helton, we could certainly use his glove/bat over Mientkiewicz’s. If the Mets are going to play meaningful games this year, and no other hitters are being pursued, this deal has to get done, despite possible repurcussions down the road..

The mets should get soriano because even though they are givin up a lot sorianos bat will help us.matsuihasnt been doin anything and plus he is injured.If the mets get soriano and then get a good hitting first baseman like casey or helton then they will have a pretty good shot at the playoffs.

How is this a done deal? Soriano is a all star player. I didnt see Mike Cameron make any all star team. And how can you tell if any of the so called prospects are going to do anything in the major leagues. This deal is not done.

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