Red means stop

No team has more names that have been on the rumor mill than the Reds. So far, Joe Randa and now maybe some possibilities brewing with Rich Aurilia. No Adam Dunn, no Austin Kearns. GM Dan O’Brien says don’t hold your breath waiting for a big deal out of him, so that probably means not a lot of phone calls about Ken Griffey Jr., either — understandably.

That’s whole lot of nothing. But there’s a lot of that going around. There just might be more of it coming out of Cincinnati these days.

Hate to keep harping on the Reds, but they seem to be the center of attention this July but not exactly the center of activity.  Dunn couldn’t fit the fodder bill better, a 25-year-old slugger heading for a big salary bump next year. The Dodgers are widely reported to be after Dunn, and they should be — he’d be a great fit there, now and later. Throwing infielder Antonio Perez and pitcher Edwin Jackson at the Reds probably won’t do it, though. O’Brien has made it clear he’s not seeking a deal and would have to be overwhelmed. That’s not overwhelming. Oakland? Well, they at least might be able to send young pitching, but affording him? Houston’s not sounding like they’re going that hard after the hometown kid yet, either.

Sigh. More and more, seems like there are too many wanna-be buyers and the few sellers that there are all want to be overwhelmed. And that means without a flurry this weekend, the biggest moves may come in August, after the non-waiver deadline.

Hey, check out the previous comment threads for some good contributions of trade talk, or add your own — maybe you have some thoughts about what the Reds are or aren’t up to this week.


I heard a rumor on weei radio Boston today that had Kevin Millar, Shopach, aaa pitcher and cash to the reds for Griffey and Matt Belisle….they went on further and said that then Ramirez would dh Griffey in left to protect the legs and Ortiz to first….apparently griffey had already told someone boston would be one place he would go…..the other one (which they said was less likely) was Moises Alou,Lance Niekro, Jason Schmidt and tyler Walker to Boston for Manny Ramirez, Bronson Arroyo, kevin youklous and cash considerations…..doubt that would happen,,,,,,,look for damon to the cubs for todd walker and ryan dempster

There is a blog of rumors that have been printed in newspapers at

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