Action and reaction

Within 48 hours of the non-waiver deadline, the intensity went up a notch or seven Friday with the Phil Nevin-Chan Ho Park deal all but done and Eric Byrnes-Larry Bigbie done.

That leaves us with a few things that make you go hmmm about the three biggest names of the week that haven’t been dealt yet . . .

  • Manny Ramirez remains with the Red Sox. That’s likely a statement that stands next week, too. It’s just too hard to put together an equation that makes sense. This is a Hall of Fame player, whatever the other issues going on. This has to be an incredible deal. Mike Cameron and Aubrey Huff, the players the Sox were reported to be getting in the proposed three-way with NYM and TB, are two good players. Incredible deal? No. Or, not yet, at least.
  • Alfonso Soriano remains with the Rangers. Makes you wonder, now that Manny-to-Mets seems to has cooled, whether the Mets could intensify their efforts to get Soriano. And the Rangers do have another right-handed power bat with Nevin now. More likely, it’s still Richard Hidalgo who might move. Sidney Ponson’s thumb is OK, so maybe that Baltimore thing will come through, and Ponson and Nevin will be teammates instead of trade partners.
  • Adam Dunn remains with the Reds. He whacked two homers Friday at the place that doesn’t give up any, PETCO Park in San Diego. He’s going to make ton$ next year. Can’t the Reds trade him? And if they don’t want to, how do they expect to improve the pitching staff? That said, the pitching market certainly hasn’t sounded like it’s teeming. Anyway, you’d think Dunn’s a prime candidate to move, but it hasn’t happened. Maybe this winter. Maybe never.

Names more likely to move: Danys Baez, Mark Redman, Randy Winn and somebody bigger we haven’t even thought of yet. A.J. Burnett sounds like he’s staying, though.

It’s down to the final weekend. The comments continue to be the best part of this blog, so hit that link and add your $.02 to it.

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