Inside 24 …

… and Manny’s still there, Sori’s still there and Big Dunn’s still there.

We are hearing some buzz, however, about Randy Winn being out of the lineup in Seattle, setting off speculation that he might be on his way out of town. The Yankees have been the primary destination mentioned over the last week or two, but they might have cooled to the idea. The Cardinals aren’t out of the question. They’re looking for an outfielder, though they’d rather reel in an Adam Dunn-caliber player, which may actually mean Adam Dunn himself. The Red Sox also have been thrown in there, but who knows with them right now?

Then again, it could just be a day off for Winn. Ha, that’s what makes this weekend fun. Besides, Matt Lawton is more of a difference maker than Winn, and you can throw Lawton on that list of players who should be moving in the next 24 — er, 23 — hours. The M’s have plenty that might go besides Winn, including a trio of lefties, the classic trade-deadline fodder. You still have to think Ron Villone or even Eddie Guardado are lefties who could be had for the right price, and Jamie Moyer’s name hasn’t stopped floating.

Gonna hit this here blog hard the next 24 hours so come on back and add your comments often.

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Okay it may be too late now but how about this deal.. Since the Mets still do want Manny and it wasnt over money that the deal didnt go through.. A three team deal this time minus the Devil Rays and add in the Reds. The Red Sox would still receive Mike Cameron and outfield prospect Lastings Milledge but instead of Aubrey Huff the Red Sox would get Adam Dunn the big bat to replace Manny. The Mets would get Manny, and David Weathers. While the Reds would get Aaron Heilmann, Yusmeiro Petit, Kelly Shoppach, and pitching prospect Abe Alvarez

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