Buc thoughts

Watching the Pirates take on the Braves on Saturday night, it was impossible not to wonder whether at least a couple of the guys in the starting lineup would be heading elsewhere by Sunday. They’ve been dealing with the rumors for a while now, as MLB.com’s Ed Eagle reports.

Mark Redman made the start Saturday, and if he makes another for the Pirates it’d be a surprise. The Marlins are the frontrunner, and that makes sense if Florida’s keeping  A.J.  Burnett and determined to make a run at a playoff spot. He certainly seems like he’s headed somewhere, if only for throwing every five days with his left hand.

The other Buc who seems destined to go is Matt Lawton. The Cardinals seem like a good fit, better than Randy Winn and more likely than Adam Dunn.  Jose Mesa and Daryle Ward also have seen their names churning through the rumor mill, but they appear to be staying put.

If GM Dave Littlefield doesn’t make one or two of those moves, you’d have to wonder why not.

Just some thoughts as the clock keeps a tickin’ away …

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