Two OFs off market

Well, scratch Randy Winn off the Yankees’ and the Cardinals’ wish lists — he’s gone to the Giants. And the Sox did make a move Saturday night, too … with an outfielder … but it was acquiring Jose Cruz Jr., not shipping Manny Ramirez. Yet.

Guess you have to wonder why the Sox need another outfielder — not that Cruz could make up one iota of Manny’s loss. Dang, just can’t stop thinking about this Manny trade happening, even after killing it off a post or two ago. It just won’t die. It’s a beast of immense proportions.

The Mariners, we’re told, aren’t done tonight. That could mean Eddie Guardado or Ron Villone, though probably not Jamie Moyer, who we hear nixed a trade to the Astros with his 10-and-5 rights earlier Saturday.

It’s cranking up now …


Why would you trade the leader in R.B.I.’s for Aubrey Huff ,Mike Cameron and right-hander Aaron Heilman. And give up some prospects!

Can you explain to me why in a year when the Orioles finally have (not past tense yet) a shot at the playoffs, their GMs have not made a big move?

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