Down to the day

Baseball’s July trading season has one more night’s sleep to go before we find out if it was good, bad or indifferent. Maybe there are all-night negotiations that will turn up the heat on this lukewarm summer. Or, maybe not.

Thus far, let’s call it indifferent with some good rumors and some bad ones, too. Put it this way: No team has altered the course of its history just yet.

But tomorrow’s another day, and crazy things can happen when you have a deadline staring you in the face.

After Saturday’s mini-flurry, a few thoughts:

  • With Randy Winn going to San Fran, that puts Matt Lawton at the head of the class of outfielders on the market. The Cardinals are at the top of the list of suitors, barring the unlikely event they figure out a way to pry Adam Dunn away from Cincy. Cubs are interested, too.
  • Manny Ramirez is almost certainly, really, we’re pretty darn sure this time staying in Boston, so you have to figure on the Mets making another big play for Alfonso Soriano. But they’ll have to get past the Twins to do it — they have pitching available in Joe Mays, Kyle Lohse and J.C. Romero that could help the Rangers. Still say the Rangers need to get a ton for him if they do move him, but more and more it seems like they’re trying to move him. They’re certainly not slamming down the phone.
  • The Mariners might not be done, or maybe it’s that they shouldn’t be done. Trading Eddie Guardado makes sense right now for a team that doesn’t need saves for the pennant chase this year. Red Sox, maybe?

Well, we’ll see what the big day brings. In the meantime, feel free to hit that comment link and share some ideas of your own.

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